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Perfect Star Ductwork: Duct Repair, Sealing, Replacement and Installation.

Duct Repair

Over time ducts can become crushed and collapse underneath your home or fall from their support straps. This restricts airflow and can cause the furnace or air conditioner to “choke” which causes unnecessary wear and tear on HVAC equipment. Repairing your home’s ductwork can greatly improve the performance of your air conditioning and heating systems.

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Duct Sealing

Disconnected or improperly sealed ducts allow mold, moisture, dust and other particles into your air circulation system. Not to mention, the heated or cooled air is not going where it is supposed to. This is one of the main culprits of energy loss and thus high energy bills. 

The ductwork in your home most likely runs through some unfinished area, such as your basement or attic, extreme levels of hot and cold air can lead to separation at the joints.  Permanent sealing requires use of mastic, a material that should only be handled by a trained HVAC professional.

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Duct Replacement & Installation

A properly designed and installed duct system is just as important as choosing the right equipment for your home. Ensuring that your ductwork is in good working order saves time and money by increasing the efficiency of our furnace and air conditioner while protecting your home from outside airborne contaminants such as mold, pollen, and volatile compounds.

The ductwork in your home is like a circulatory system that circulates heated or cold air to keep you in your comfort zone regardless of external weather conditions.  If your ductwork is damaged or old, replacement may be the most economical option long-tern.

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Ductwork Reviews….

“Awesome service! Really glad I changed our ducts…very nasty old business gone.”
Curtis - Concord, CA

Nearby Now - Overall Experience 5 / 5

“We discovered that a mouse had gotten into our basement and chewed through a bunch of our duct work. We decided to replace all the ducts instead of just the chewed through ones because we did not want to worry about where the mice did their business and whether they made it into the other areas. Gil and his coworker came out and replaced all the ducts with better quality ones, did it quicker than estimated, and did a great job!”
Jill S. - Richmond, CA

YELP! 5 Star Review

When should you replace your ductwork system?


-The airflow and temperature varies in different rooms within your home.

– Holes and tears in visible areas including crawl spaces and your attic.

-Your ductwork is over 10-15 years old.

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Perfect Star Heating and Air Conditioning Concord, CA is a proud member of HomeAdvisor.
Perfect Star Heating and Air Conditioning Concord, CA is a proud member of HomeAdvisor.
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Perfect Star Heating and Air Conditioning Concord, CA is a proud member of HomeAdvisor.